dr.CAFE Coffee Promotion





1) Special Offer for Special Occasion

RM18.00 for Any Pair of Hot and Cold  Espresso- based tall beverage


RM19.00 for  Hot and Cold Espresso- based tall beverage and pair it with cake or sandwich

Beverages can be upgraded


2) E-Breakfast

Customers are entitled to get Complimentary Coffee of the day with purchase of e-Breakfast

Available from opening until 11 am - everyday


3) DC Mobile Ordering Apps

Order ahead and pick up and enjoy your drink without waiting in line with our Mobile App.


4) 50% Off pastries and sadwiches after 7pm

You are entitle for 50% discount of our pastries & sandwiches with every purchase of any beverage.

This discount is applicable for a minimum of ONLY 2 food for a single beverage purchased.