POH KONG Year of the Rooster Auspicious Collection Series


The Year of the Rooster in 2017 is set to be a year filled with passion and daring ambitions, and Poh Kong is launching a series of auspicious jewellery that gives you a meaningful start to your year while ensuring that you celebrate in stylish elegance.  

Golden Delights Series

Under the Golden Delights series there is the ever so trendy charm bangle, decorated with a collection of dainty charms of your choice. Every charm carries its own special meaning, like the Ruyi charm, the abacus for wealth, the lucky jade charm, and the keys to prosperity, love, and peace. The charm collection this year comes with intricately-crafted spacers that take the shape of a pineapple, money pouch, tangerine and other designs, complementing the charms and making them stand out. The charms can be strung together on a bracelet or worn individually as pendants.

Alongside the charms in this series there are also rings for men, such as the “Wealth Accumulation” ringsculpted in the shape of an ingot. The inner walls are fortified with a tile motif that seals in wealth, while the outer wall feature distinctive lines that define clear paths to success. 


Auspicious Rooster Series  

In line with the Year of the Rooster, Poh Kong has exclusively crafted a charming series featuring the golden rooster, bringing abiding luck and prosperity to the bearers. The series designs include the auspicious animal donning female and male traditional wear, one in the shape of a heart, another nesting in a prosperity egg, and another design specially for academic success.These adorable pendants cater not only to children but also adults that share a special bond with the Rooster.


FREE ANG PAW with purchase on T&C.