• In Malaysia, the Black Friday celebration is still relatively new and not many people are aware of it.
  • Comparisons can easily be seen where retailers in the U.S experience long queues with many shoppers packing malls and other popular shopping destinations in the country.
  • However, in Malaysia, Black Fridays are seen as any other day and shoppers here is able to enjoy the relative calm of the day while taking the opportunity to obtain Black Friday sale discounts offered by participating retailers here.
  • Baskin-Robbins’s Black Friday campaign is aimed at conveying its heartfelt appreciation to Malaysians & Singaporean for the overwhelming support that Baskin-Robbins has received since establishing its first outlet at Subang Parade on December 24, 1989.
  • In the US., Thanksgiving is celebrated as a day to give thanks and express gratitude for the harvest of the year.
  • Thus, Baskin-Robbins, as a U.S based company, is also seeking to take the opportunity during this symbolic period to demonstrate its heartfelt appreciation to all Malaysians & Singaporean, by offering special prices on its products.
  • Given that Baskin-Robbins rarely offers such prices, its Black Friday campaign is seen as both, unique and rare.
  • INTERESTING FACT #1: This is Baskin Robbins’ second successive Black Friday campaign.
  • INTERESTING FACT #2: Baskin Robbins is the first und F&B outlet to participate in Black Friday in Malaysia.